What are spherical lens and aspherical lens, and which one is better?


The difference between spherical lens and aspherical lens:

The surface curvature of an aspheric lens is different from that of an ordinary spherical lens. In the past, the lens was designed with a spherical surface, which increased aberrations and distortion, resulting in obvious image blur, distortion of the field of view, and narrow field of view. Aspherical lens corrects the image and solves the problem of distortion of the horizon. At the same time, it makes the lens lighter, thinner and more beautiful.

The advantages of aspheric lenses:


The aspheric lens with special coating treatment has perfect visual performance, presenting clearer and comfortable visual effect.

More comfortable

After putting on the aspheric lens, you can hardly feel its existence, so you will feel less weight of the glasses.

More natural

The aspheric design is more natural, with less visual distortion and more realistic vision.

In an era when we pay more attention to improving the quality of life and paying attention to appearance, we must recommend aspheric lenses. After all, they are light, thin and beautiful.

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