Why are acetate frames popular all the time?


Acetate glasses are classic among all glasses, and naturally have its unique charm. So why are acetate glasses so classic and popular among consumers?

The current acetate frames is mostly made with acetate fiber, and a few high-end frames propionate fiber.

As far as the origin of the acetate plates is concerned, the French and Italian plates are better, and the Japanese ones are also good. Many mid-to-high-end acetate glasses are made from these high-quality plates, so the quality is more trustworthy.

Acetate spectacles are not only light and will not cause skin sensitivity, so they are welcomed by everyone. Now, acetate frame has changed from the rigid style in the past to be made with all kinds of dazzling colors and shapes. There are not only high-gloss colored acetate frames, but also those exquisite spectacle frames that are carved and combined with different colors.

Acetate frames have become the mainstream of mid-to-high end frames. A popular understanding is the "plastic" in the eyes of most people, but the real acetate frame is very different from ordinary plastic glasses.

The acetate is an environmentally friendly product, and the material will not be affected by human skin or body secretions. Therefore, it has no side effects on human skin and is popular with consumers. The acetate has the characteristics of good transparency, easy coloring, good hand feeling, non-aging, non-flammable, etc., providing glasses manufacturers with a creative processing material, making glasses more colorful and providing customers with more choices.

In terms of performance characteristics, the acetate glasses are lighter, harder, and have good gloss. When the acetate is combined with metal, it strengthens the firm performance, and the style is beautiful, not easy to deform and discolor, and durable. It has a certain degree of elasticity, and the memory acetate will return to its original shape when it is bent or tightened slightly and then relaxed. It is not easy to burn and hardly changes color due to ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, it has a larger hardness and better gloss.

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